About Us

Mexx Global was established in 2005 in Dubai and in 2006 it opened its branch in Abu Dhabi, mainly working on cross border trucking, freight forwarding and projects handling. It was engaged in distribution of FMCG products as well. Looking to the potential of Logistics in the GCC region, it was decided to bring some shareholders into the company and expand all over the GCC countries. It was decided to change the name to Mexx Global from the current name of Capital Star Shipping Company LLC. Now Mexx Global is one of the largest global networks of privately owned companies providing complete transportation and delivery logistics solutions, including warehousing, distribution, freight forwarding, integrated Supply Chain solutions and other value added services.

Mexx Global has assembled one of the most experienced teams in the industry. We have equipped them with the most technologically advanced management systems and RF facilities for all logistics operations, which we strategically administer via our network of worldwide offices.

By combining the best people with the best technology, we are better prepared to provide your company with the best solutions, while better anticipating risks and the contingencies to address them.

When your company works with us, it is our guarantee that we will offer you the highest degree of professionalism, as well as the on-time delivery of your goods to anywhere in the world.

Mexx Promise

The Mexx Global team promises to efficiently, cost-effectively and safely get every job done right the first time!

Essential to this promise is clearly communicating our recommended solutions to ensure that you are empowered with the information needed to make confident decisions at every stage of a project.

To fulfill this pledge, we rely on the strengths of our global network, and the knowledge of our highly experienced and dedicated team of industry specialists who work closely and competently with your team.

SHEQS Declaration

The shareholders, managers and stakeholders hereby declare that safety, health, environment, quality and security is their main priority:

  • that they will care about the safety of people who work for them or associated with them or the general public.
  • that they will look after the health of the people associated with the organization.
  • that they will protect the environment for the sake of humanity and future generations.
  • that they will provide quality service to their customers and never compromise quality.
  • that they will take all measures to provide security on work premises and to the cargo in their care.