Our Values

Mexx Honesty

We believe that open, honest communication is the cornerstone of business. This is why we take great pride in the level of openness we promote with our team, partners, suppliers, and most importantly, with our valued clients.

Mexx Dedication

We take great pride in our work, company and clients. Our entire team is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring each project fulfills our promise to efficiently, cost-effectively and safely get your job done right the first time!

Mexx Accountability

We’re one of the largest global networks of privately owned transportation and delivery logistics companies. Our team of highly experienced professionals takes full responsibility for their recommended solutions and decisions at every stage of a project. We believe that this is integral to our success as a global leader.

Mexx Teamwork

What makes our organization unique is the global network we have created through a truly global team effort. This is why we place great value on teamwork, and emphasize nurturing a collaborative working environment within our network of professionals, partners, suppliers and clients.